Part 20 – Go For It!

A Role-Model From The Best of Women

In Part 19 we reflected on the importance of taking the Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, as our role model. In Juz 20 Allah tells us about the story of the Prophet Musa, as, and in particular the traumas experienced by him and his mother in the early days of his life. From this story we can benefit from different lessons. Let us take five minutes to reflect;

Many of us are familiar with the story of Musa (Moses). Click here if you would like to learn more about the prophets of Allah. In The Qur’an Allah relates the historical account of the Firaun (Pharaoh) who had a dream that he would be destroyed by a baby born to the children of Israel. He then set out to destroy as many baby boys born from among them as he could. In order to keep his slave workforce strong he opted to kill the baby boys in alternate years. Baby Musa was born in the year of killing. One cannot imagine the anguish and fear his mother was going through. Soldiers were sent out to spy in the villages to find out who was pregnant. But Allah concealed her pregnancy and Musa was born in secret.

Do not hesitate to obey Allah’s command

nile“And We inspired the mother of Musa: “Suckle him. Verily, We shall bring him back to you, and shall make him one of our Messengers” (28:07)

Allah spoke to her heart, although she did not hear His Words. He inspired her. She was a believer, just like me or you. Allah inspires ordinary believers every day. We must tune ourselves into these strong feelings that we get from time to time. Allah guides the hearts in this way. Sometimes we have a strong feeling or an urge to do something, we must trust in Allah and go for it! In addiction, we followed our urges and cravings but it was our lusts and desires we were obedient too. In recovery, in Islam, we must follow those urges to do good. If we think deeply, we will realise that we had those urges during times of sinfulness but we were overpowered by the desire to do wrong. Like the mother of Musa, we must obey Allah when He pushes us.

Allah mends the broken hearts

It was not a small thing that Allah inspired her to do. She put her baby into the River Nile, which in places has choppy tidal waves. She did not know what would become of her baby. Was he safe? Would the box leak? Or upturn or sink? She was in distress and Allah Knew;

“And the heart of the mother of Musa became empty. She was very near to disclose her secret, had We not tied up her heart , so that she might remain as one of the believers” (28:10)

This Verse is so beautiful. This is a Verse of Allah that needs to give us hope when our heart is feeling broken and we experience trauma or emotional pain. Allah describes her heart as being completely emptied out. Anyone who has experienced extremetied.heart loss will know that it feels as if we have lost the whole world, especially when that thing we have lost is our child. Some would say it is the hardest test. Allah tells us here that He intervened to strengthen her heart. He ‘tied up’ the broken pieces of her heart and held them together for her in order to get her through this test and keep her faith in tact. When we are feeling lost and destroyed we must know, that it is Allah Who is the One who gets us through each day by strengthening the hearts. He is the One who made the heart and He sees every scar, every break. Allah is the Most Loving. Without His intervention we would be completely  destroyed by emotional pain. He holds the hearts together to prevent us from falling deeply into depression and anguish or having suicidal thoughts. The more we turn to Him in times of distress and anguish, the more He will strengthen our hearts inshaAllah.

Allah ALWAYS fulfills His Promises

When we look back to the first Verse above we see that Allah inspired the mother of Musa with a promise. He spoke to her heart, promising her that He would return Musa to her. She held on to that sliver of hope that Allah gave her. Here she was, placing her new born son into the river, not knowing his fate, yet clinging onto the hope that this is what Allah wants and that He will make everything right for her. It was this hope that caused her to carry out Allah’s command. The Qur’an is full of Verses that inspire hope. Over and over again in The Qur’an Allah tells us if we work good deeds, He will reward us plentifully.

baby-hand-holding-mothers-hand1“So We returned him to his mother, that her eye might be cooled, and that she may no longer grieve, and that she might know that the Promise of Allah is true. But most of them know not.” (28:13)

Whatever problem we are facing in life. No matter what difficulty we are trying to get through. No matter how broken our heart is feeling, we must always remember that Allah’s Promise is true. If we turn to Him, cry out to Him, speak to Him in our own language straight from that broken heart, Allah will  rush to us and strengthen that heart, bind it up together, every last broken,  shattered shard. He will fill the heart with faith that will give us the strength to go on. And on top of that, He will reward us and prevent us from sinking deep into depression and anguish. He will replace the loss and emptiness. If not in this life, but in Jannah!

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