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This website is created by and managed by a Lynne Ali-Northcott MSc, Addiction Counsellor and Play Therapist. Ali-Northcott regularly consults a team of people who care greatly about bringing the best articles, support and advise to those suffering from addiction and their loved-ones.

We comprise of addiction counsellors, substance misuse clinicians, domestic violence counsellors, child therapists, medical doctors and people who are in recovery from addiction.

We aim to provide information to help support you on your journey to recovery, and to help build a community of people who can offer advise where we cannot.

We understand that addiction can be a life-long journey and we aim to provide an online space for us to travel together and help beat the feelings of isolation and confusion we sometimes feel.

3 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Thank you for the information you publish online regarding recovery. It is great to know that there is an organization that approaches Recovery from an Islamic viewpoint.

  2. As-Salaam Alaikum Rahmatuallahi I have been looking for a program or organization that explained active addiction from an islamic point of veiw, for a long time. I’m recovering from active addiction and i need to connect to those believers who understand this disease. I also have been instructed to inform the muslims about and non muslims about addiction from an islamic perspective and if any one can give me some advise (humduallah) jazakah Allah

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