Part 16 – Allah Makes The Impossible Possible!

Allah is The First and The Last: He has no beginning and no end

Sometimes if feels as though our addiction is endless. We see no way out of this downward spiral of destruction. People say “Are you ever going to change?” and part of us does not believe that we can. Sinfulness takes us to places of despair that make us feel hopeless. One of the questions our doctor will ask when diagnosing depression is “How hopeful to you feel?”. Addiction makes us feel pretty hopeless and faithless in Allah. If we want to get out of this negative thinking we need to try to increase our hope in Allah and realise that our addiction might seem massively overpowering but it is nothing compared to how Compelling Allah is! Allah is The All-Mighty, Supreme, All-Powerful. Trust in Him!

Allah’s vast Guidance and He is All-Knowing


Just look at this beautiful Verse here on the left. Allah’s Guidance is endless! We need to focus on just how vast His Mercy extends. We are just a mere tiny speck in this world, yet Allah holds the prayers of every caller who calls upon Him in the greatest of esteem. Allah is waiting for us to call on Him so that He can help us. He has provided us with The Qur’an so that we can take our journey into submission to Him and free ourselves from our sinfulness and heal ourselves of the diseases that lay in our hearts.

Sometimes it seems so hard to start ‘practicing Islam’. We see those that we consider to be religious and feel as though it is something only a certain kind of person can achieve. We doubt our own abilities to ‘get into the dean’ and start worshipping Allah as He deserves. In the next Verse Allah tells His Messenger, peace be upon Him what to say to the people.

“Say: “I am only a man like you.It has been revealed to me that your Ilah (God) is One Ilah (Wahid). So whoever hopes for the Meeting with his Lord, let him work righteousness and associate none as a partner in the worship of his Lord.” (18:110)

This Verse is as much for us as it was for the people around the Prophet, peace be upon him. We must realise that Allah sent messengers from among mankind. He did not choose to send an angel but He sent us human beings so that we may know that we are capable of doing what the prophets were able to do. And so the early Muslims included some who were very sinful prior to Islam. They buried their daughters alive, bought and sold women like commodities, were alcoholics and loved to gamble and cheat. Islam came into their lives and they looked forward to meeting Allah and were able to transform their lives. The Prophet, peace be upon him, realised that some of the people feared their own abilities to submit to the command of Allah and therefore in addition to what Allah said, he told them;images

“The best of you in the time of ignorance (Jahiliyyah) will be the best of you in Islam, only if you attain the understanding (Faquhu).” (Related by Bukhari and Muslim)

Allah is Capable of All Things

We must realise in recovery that Allah has the capacity to help us turn things around even when it seems so impossible. We need to realise also, that we need to put in the legwork if we expect Allah to help us. Its a two-way relationship, as all relationships are. If we want Allah to help us, we need to first start taking those steps to change and Allah will respond. In Surah Maryum, Allah tells us about the Prophet Zakariya who was childless. He was the caretaker of Maryum and he found her one day with fruits out of season. She told him, these fruits were from Allah, as He is Capable of All Things. Zakariya prayed for a child;

“Oh Zakariya! Verily, We give you the glad tidings of a son, whose name will be Yahya..He said: “My Lord!How can I have a son, when my wife is barren, and I have reached extreme old age?” He said: “So it will be. Your Lord says “It is easy for Me. Certainly, I have created you before, when you had been nothing!” (19:07-09)

And this was easy for Allah! And what about Maryum, upon her be peace, who conceived a child without a male partner? Her story makes us realise that anything is possible;

“She said: “How can I have a son, when no man has touched me, nor am I unchaste?” He (Jibreel) said: “So it will be, your Lord said: “That is easy for Me. And We wish to appoint him as a sign for mankind and a mercy from Us.” (19:20-21)

If Allah can create this entire universe and all of this creation then we must become reliant upon Him and believe that He can make those things that seem impossible, easy for us.

He can make it possible

"When He decrees a thing. He only says to it "BE!" - and it is" (19:35)
“When He decrees a thing. He only says to it “BE!” – and it is” (19:35)

One of the most amazing verses in the Qur’an is this one. It appears in other places in The Qur’an also. This verse “Kun fa ya kun”, “Be! And it is”, needs to be imprinted on the hearts of every Muslim, especially those who are going through problems in life, and who isn’t? We need to completely believe in Allah that He can remove all harms, change situations, guide us out of difficulty and remove all hardships if we completely depend on Him whole-heartedly and work towards goodness and deeds of righteousness. Allah WILL make a way out for us, we just need to start looking for it.

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