Part 10 – Struggle On Forever


As we read Part 10 of the Qur’an we realise that the common theme dominated here is about those who struggle in the path of Allah. The greatest struggle a Muslim addict will endure is the one against his or her own self (nafs). In recovery, especially in the early days or weeks, we experience strong urges, cravings and desires to indulge in our addiction. We are fighting our nafs on a daily basis. Our nafs cry out to be satisfied by forbidden things, and no matter how hard we try to satisfy them, they are never satisfied. We learn, in recovery through Islam, that it is the heart that is satisfied by the remembrance of Allah and this cools down the nafs from their lustful needs. When we are in this state of constant struggle with ourselves, or ‘jihad (struggle) of the nafs’, Allah is Watching from High and He loves us. We must remember this, it will help us with relapse prevention. Allah loves us! He sees us fighting with our desires, trying to abstain from indulgence and as we hold back, out of fear and love of Him, He sends His Help and He loves us more, and He prepares our reward

“Allah has promised the believers, men and women, Gardens under which rivers flow to dwell  therin forever, and beautiful mansions in Gardens of ‘Adn (Eden), But the greatest bliss is the Good Pleasure of Allah. That is the supreme success.” (09:72)

In recovery, it is important to take a focus on Paradise. Throughout our addiction we mayallah-hadith-prophet-muhammad-pbuh-paradise-jannah-islam-quote-bukhari1 have thought more often of the Hell Fire. Perhaps we thought we were doomed to enter it and maybe other Muslims warned us that we were heading for it. Paradise seemed so unreachable and we felt far from Allah’s Mercy and Forgiveness. It is important that now we have cleared our minds and are struggling on towards Allah on His Straight Path that we now think of Paradise. This will motivate us to do more good and to prevent relapse.

No one said giving up our addiction would be easy. So why do we give up so easily and relapse so quickly at the first taste of difficulty. We have to fight with every bone in our body. We have to struggle with our soul as though it is our arch enemy. Our addiction IS our enemy. It is slowly killing us and destroying all those around us, consuming our wealth and bringing down our communities. But the addiction is within us and its time we stood up and became responsible for our own selves. So lets fight this addiction of ours, and when Allah sees our sincerity He will pour down His Mercy and prepare for us a palace in Paradise with gardens in which rivers flow beneath. Oh Allah make that so! Ameen


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