Types of Addictions

Addiction can manifest itself in different ways. This is a useful image to help us see some of the ways in which addiction can branch out in the various parts of our selves and our actions;


Another analogy that may be used to understand what is addiction is to know that addiction is an umbrella and beneath that umbrella there are many behaviours that have the capacity to become addictive, and without seeking out and becoming conscious of trying to attain this moderation and balance, we have the potential to flit between the various behaviours and ‘cross-addictions’ or ‘secondary addictions’ as they are sometimes known.

In recovery, we strive to balance ourselves and be in harmony with the various aspects of our lives. A Muslim in recovery understands that no part of our life must consume the other parts. That we must have a structure in our recovery that allows us to live peacefully and take responsibility for all the parts of our lives, such as worship, relaxation, rest, family relations and so on.

Please visit the subsections attached to this page to explore the different examples of addictive behaviours.

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