An Attitude of Gratitude 

Being Certain That The Qur’an is From Allah

Breaking free: When should carers say enough is enough?

Disciplining The Soul: Reflections from Ibn al Jawzi 

Expand My Chest: Coping with anxiety according to Islam

Faith In treatment

Fighting the Ten Headed Monster: A carers detachment from the addict

How Does Islam View Intoxicants?

How Friday Prayers Aid Recovery

Impact of Culture on UK Muslim Addicts By Tohel Ahmed

Importance of Anger Management in Addiction Recovery

Know your enemy: Tactics of Shaytaan

Laziness in recovery and its dangers 

Lessons for The Day of Ashura/10th Muharram

Lessons from the people of Musa

Making a Spectacle of Recovery: What glasses do you wear?

Mental Health: Strategies for Coping With Depression, Stress and Anxiety By Dr Nadia Rahman

Perspectives on Drug Addiction in Islamic History and Theology by Dr Mansur Ali

Raising Children In Islam By Yousuf Miah

Relapse Prevention During Menstruation 

Relapse Prevention During the Festive Season 

Sex, Drugs and Broken Souls: Recovery in the Bedroom 

The Link Between Substance Abuse and Domestic Violence By Khalida Haque

Traffic Lights to Recovery – A relapse prevention technique

Understanding Anxiety and How to Manage it By Amar Ali

Why Doesn’t Allah Answer My Dua’s? 

Ramadan-related articles

A Carers Ramadan: Wife of a heroin and crack addict tells us about what Ramadan means to her

“Allah help me, I’m addicted to drugs and using in Ramadan” 

Making Pure Intentions for Ramadan

Making Pure intentions for Eid: Relapse Prevention!

Post Ramadan Blues

Ramadan Buzz!

Relapsed in Ramadan! Now What?

Quranic Verses Regarding Ramadan and Fasting

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