In the depths of dispair, during our addiction we cried out to Allah. “Oh Allah help me, I don’t want to live this way any more” we may have cried into the night. But within a day or so we were back to committing the same sin again. We may have started to get angry with Allah, wondering why He didn’t hear our cry. We begin to think He has abandoned us and we may not have felt like calling out to Him again. We felt lost, alone and helpless.

Allah did hear our call. He heard our despair, perhaps that’s why He kept us alive on those days or nights when we pushed our addiction to the limits. He was being Merciful to us, but we failed to see it. Perhaps, He averted some danger from us, that would have made its way to us had we not have called out to Him. Things could have been a lot worse for us.

Allah says in The Qur’an regarding this;

 “And when my slaves ask you (Oh Muhammad, saws) concerning Me, then (answer them) I am indeed near. I respond to the invocations of the supplicant when he calls. So let them obey Me and believe in Me, so that they may be led aright.” (2:186)

In recovery, we need to know with certainty (yaqeen) that Allah Hears and responds to every duah that we make. He gaurantees that He will answer every prayer. We may ask ourselves, we have asked for many things over the years and we thought that He was abandoning us. There is something we must know about this. There are three things that happen when we supplicate to Allah.

The Prophet Muhammad saws said, regarding this;

“No Muslim supplicates to Allah with a Du`a that does not involve sin or cutting the relations of the womb, but Allah will grant him one of the three things. He will either hasten the response to his supplication, save it for him until the Hereafter, or would turn an equivalent amount of evil away from him.” They said, “What if we were to recite more (Du`a).” He said, “There is more with Allah.” (Ahmad)


As we enter and embrace our recovery from addiction, we need as many weapons as we can to fight our desires and shaitan and to avert as much evil and temptation from our path as we can. No recovery programme should be without this imortant worship of Allah. The Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, described dua as “The core of worship” and we need to make it central to our recovery.

Many psychologists agree that that when a person reaches out beyond their own self, they are increasing the chances of their recovery. Who better for a Muslim to reach out to than The One who has created them, The One Who has the power to guide us and set our paths straight?

 Pre-conditions of duah

Ibn al Qayyum wrote– “duah are like weapons, the sharpness of a weapon is not sufficient for it to have effect, but the person handling it also has an effect. Give a weak individual a sharp sword it will not be any good. The individual needs to have a strong arm.”

Therefore, when we supplicate to Allah we must do this with a certain heart that Allah will accept our pleas. The heart and tongue must be united. We must have the following pre-requistites;

1-      A realization that only Allah responds to the duah and we pray directly to Him with no intercessors in between. We connect with Allah through our duah.

2-      Good intentions – eg if we pray for wealth it is to be spent on family and to give charity

3-      Being attentive to Allah in our heart

4-      Yaqeen – know that Alah will respond to you

5-      Having halal sustenance – Allah does not accept the prayers of those who earn their wealth from illict means.

 Etiquettes of Making duah

Islam teaches us how to make duah in the best way. With all acts of worship there are etiquette’s that match the manners of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. He, saws, encouraged us that when we make duah to Allah, we ask Him for the best, we aim high and we have hope in Him granting it. In our recovery, we need the help of Allah. We seek His guidance and we ask Him to grant us all the tools we need to be successful in Islam.

“When one of you asks something of Allah then let him be plentiful of what he is asking of from his Lord “

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