Carers Stories

A Reverts Story: I didn’t marry you for thisĀ 

Malaika’s Story: Daughter of an Alcoholic, Wife of a drug addict: How my sense of abandonment took me to self harm

Naltrexone and relapse: Shahnaz’s Story

Umm Saeed: Wife of a heroin and crack addict ‘What Ramadan means to me’

An Ode to Dad: Poem of a 13 year old girl for her father, who is in recovery from drug addiction

Please see our Youtube channel for videos from our carers;

The pain of a Muslim wife: A brief undertstanding of the cycle spouses go through when they love an addict.

When Daddy Takes Drugs: A video featuring a twelve year old daughter of a drug addict tells her story.

Daughter of Columbian Drug Cartel embraces Islam: A Video story

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