Part 24 – Rock Bottom

Our sins may be many but Allah’s Forgiveness is greater


This is the Juz that contains some amazing Verses for those of us who have sinned. And who hasn’t sinned? Some of us have sinned more than others and it is this group of people who Allah addresses in Surah Az-Zumar. These verses offer us something that many addicts often lack while lost in sinfulness – hope! Hopelessness is a common trait of those who suffer from addiction. It is also an attribute of those people around the addict, the wives, the children, the parents all eventually give up hope that things will get better.

“Say: “Oh My slaves, who have sinned against themselves! Despair not of the Mercy of Allah, verily, Allah Forgives all sins. Truly, He is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.” (39:53)

In the darkest days of our sinfulness we lost hope. We felt as though Allah had abandoned us. After several attempts to give up on our addictions and stop sinning we gave up and thought it would never be possible to overcome. We were at a lost. We were angry. Angry at ourselves, angry at Allah! Blaming the whole entire world and everyone we ever met! Yes, we were in a state of despair. This Verse is addressed to all those Muslims who feel like that. Allah calls upon us with the beautiful greeting “Ya Ibaadi” – “Oh My slaves”. This shows us that Allah is speaking to us with love and gentleness. That in itself must bring tears of joy to our eyes, as in a state of utter sin, Allah is talking to us with such love. He is literally calling us back to Him with Kindness and yearning, pulling us back to His Path.

 Many of us have experienced rock bottom. Those times when we feel things could not get any worse. Perhaps, this is the despair that Allah is describing here in this verse. When He says “Who have sinned against themselves” He is referring to the damage we have done to our own selves. Through addiction and sinfulness we have taken ourselves off the Path of Allah, and followed our lusts and shaitan. We have lost the blessings of Allah and sometimes it feels as if nothing ever goes right. Some of us may have debts, criminal records, lost relationships, lost opportunities as a result of our sins. We have damaged our lives in this life but its not too late! Allah wants us to return to The Straight Path to Jannah.10447673_883432075003755_9141418978362275940_n

Allah sees us broken, lost and in despair and with these Words He is trying to pull us back up to our feet. Notice how the verse begins with “Qul”- “Say” meaning this is something we can also say to other people who have hit rock bottom. Families and carers often do not know how to advise their loved-ones. In this Verse Allah is showing us how. With the hand of love and Mercy we can help pull our loved-ones back up on their feet and let them rise above their addiction and sinfulness. Together we stand.

 But with this glimmer of hope there is urgency! Allah tells us in the next verse to get up quickly. He lets us know that time is running out. If we want to change, we must do so now!

241614_vremya_-pesok_-kniga_1920x1080_(“And turn in repentance and in obedience with true faith to your Lord and submit to Him before the torment comes upon you, then you will not be helped”. (39:54)

The moment that glimmer of possibility enters the heart, stand up! Do not be afraid to fall when the one calling you is your Lord. He is saying to us not to despair, yes we have made mistakes, yes we have got ourselves into a very dark hole, but He will forgive us and the way to get better is to submit to Him. In the next verse Allah tells us how we can go about doing that ;

 “And follow the best of that which is sent down to you from your Lord, before the torment comes on you suddenly while you are not ready and aware”. (39:55)


Source Nouman Ali Khan short video

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  1. Allhamdullah i love this i love it walahi very very helpful please if you send out any post or daily post i would to recieve them inshallah ta’ayla,very good information for the believers ameen…

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